Saturday, April 14, 2012

How much money would u make if u independantly released an album that sells 5,000 copys and is a local hit?

How much would u make in a year if that album has singles played on.ur local radio station and sells about 5,000 how much would u make off cd sales, concerts and apperances you are asking a question that has a 100 variables that obviously you are not aware of.
1) are you paying for the production of this album? if not, then who? how r u gonna pay back, at what percentage?
2) are u engineering it ? if not, then who...see above questions
3) u got a manager to get u these gigs? u being a puppy I guarantee u , u will not see much money after a manager takes all but your underwear.
4) How much to pay the venue you gonna play at? how much for equipment use and transportation of equipment, food for the people moving all this? it's way more than lipstick and eyeshadow kid.
I could keep asking you questions and wasting our time.....
So you know, managers love a kid with your type of questions because they will get everything, because you don't know shit kid and your question reflects all but that, also you have to have a talent and be damn good at it, kid right now you are dreaming wake up, you're lost like a spec of sand at the beach.
Learn some music management laws that way NO one will steal from you and you will not look dumb asking these questions, you will not learn overnight but if your heart is in it, you'll stick with it.
For the record if I was a record label/manager guy I'd make you work for me to the point that you would OWE ME money and if you didn't pay I'd sue you, take your house, car, right?
Unfortunately that is business dude, pay me. Get your head in some books man, then decide if you're gonna do it.

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